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13th March 2020

General Exa Networks response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus is increasingly spreading across the country we want to reassure our customers and partners that we have preparations in place.

We recognise we provide a critical service, on which our customers rely on as part of their own preparations.

Currently we are seeing no direct impact to our daily operations and continue to operate Business As Usual, however, we have taken all reasonable precautions to minimise the risk.

We are all already equipped with the necessary equipment, tools and system access to work remotely and this has been thoroughly tested. A number of our teams already work remotely for various reasons which further confirms our ability to do so. Should the situation require it, working from home or any other location should not affect the level of support or quality of service that we deliver to our customers.

Our people make Exa the company that it is and are our primary concern. We have produced guidance in-line with NHS and Government recommendations which has been shared internally - this includes ways to mitigate the risk of infection as well as advice on containing any potential spread, should anyone be infected.

We have been notified by some suppliers that the implementation of precautionary measures may impact the lead time for new service provision. We are monitoring this situation closely but if you have any concerns regarding a booked appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us in the usual way if you have any further questions.

Exa Networks

Database updates

Maintenance Window - Monday 6th July at 18:00-19:00

We will be performing updates to our database on 6th July between 6pm-7pm. This update is intended to remove some unneeded features and replace them with new features such as the 'replace circuit' tool. Customers may experience interruption to the access panel during this period.

Past Incidents

25th June 2020

No incidents reported

24th June 2020

No incidents reported

23rd June 2020

DarkLight DarkLight Possible Partial Outage - Leeds

We are seeing an alert suggesting a possible outage in one of our Leeds datacentres that may be affecting some customers on our DarkLight service there. As we have more than one datacentre in Leeds that service our DarkLight customers, this will not affect all customers in the City. This does not affect DarkLight in any other city.

Our engineers are investigating and an update will be posted shortly.

22nd June 2020

No incidents reported

21st June 2020

No incidents reported