Connectivity Performance Notice Wednesday 1st September 2021 14:42:00

This is an initial advisory notice:

One of our suppliers has had a fibre break on their network, we have already re-routed all customer traffic to take an alternate path. Customers should not be experiencing any performance or connectivity issues, however if you are, please contact our Technical Support Team who will be happy to help.

As soon as we have any finer details we will update this notice.

Services have been fully restored, but further maintenance will be required at a later date by the supplier. More information on this will be provided when it is available. Many thanks for your patience during this time.

The fibre cables have now been repaired and services have returned to the core path. We will continue to monitor this throughout the day.

Engineers are still on site carrying out repairs to the fibre cable. Customer's services should remain unaffected during this time.

Our supplier has deployed Engineers to site to address the issue. Customers shouldn't currently be experiencing any impact to their service. We will continue to provide updates regarding this incident.