Connectivity Performance Wednesday 24th February 2021 09:58:00

This is an initial advisory notice:

We are currently investigating connectivity performance issues.

As soon as we have any finer details we will update this notice.

We are now seeing regular levels of traffic with no performance issues, however, this is in part due to the time of day and a considerable portion of our customer base now closed.

The work we have performed today should help in preparation for tomorrow, but we may see a recurrence of this tomorrow. This includes:

We have migrated around 50% of affected customers to a different network route.

We have setup a test lab to help us better investigate the issues experience by customers for Microsoft Services.

We have established remote monitoring with one of our affected customers to get realtime data for analysis in the morning.

Some affected customers are now finding general internet browsing is working fine but Microsoft Services are running slowly. We are investigating this issue, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The current slow speeds are affecting a portion of SurfProtect Quantum customers using DSL connections. Our team is working to find a swift and workable solution. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.