Slow Speeds Monday 22nd February 2021 09:08:00

Some customers are experiencing slow speeds this morning, we are currently investigating the issue. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Update: We have only received reports of speed issues from a handful of customers, but following the related problem over recent weeks we are taking this very seriously and we know that not all affected customers will contact us.

We have seen an unusually high level of traffic this morning as a result of some large updates released throughout last week that are now being performed on computers which are being turned on after a weeks holiday.

Not all traffic is affected, only certain destinations for some customers are using the affected link, most customers are seeing regular traffic at regular speeds. We do apologise to customers who have experienced, or are experiencing a reduction in performance.

The root cause is the same as last week’s slowdown and a network upgrade is already underway to resolve it. We are working with one of our suppliers to deploy a new 100Gb link across the country. Traffic is now currently back to normal levels and appears to be stable for all customers, however, until the network upgrade is complete this issue may reoccur, we do not currently have an ETA for completion but are doing our utmost to expedite this and move forward as fast as possible.