FortiClient & MacOS 11 beta incompatibility Thursday 15th October 2020 15:28:00

Apple's newest MacOS, Big Sur, is expected to be released during the Autumn season, however, a beta is currently available for developers and testers. Please Note: current beta versions of Big Sur have been identified as incompatible with FortiClient. A 'Legacy System Extension' error is presented to the user upon launching the application which then fails to load.

FortiNet are aware of the situation and we will share any further information as and when we receive it.

MacOS Big Sur is now supported by FortiClient. Note: FortiClient version 6.4.2 or later is required.

FortiNet have confirmed that a new version of FortiClient will be released before MacOS Big Sur which will provide full compatibility.

We would still advise against updating your OS until this new version is released.