Network Disruption Monday 11th May 2020 14:41:00

We are currently investigating some reports of network outage in the Bradford area.

As soon as we learn more information it will be posted here.

The data centre has confirmed that all issues and services have been fully resolved as of 14:24 on 12th May, after conducting our internal tests and finding no ongoing issues we are closing this incident.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused.

Although the root cause of today's outage is still being investigated by the data centre at the epicentre of this issue, our services have now been re-established and stable for some time.

A further update will now only occur if there is a significant change to the situation.

We apologise for any disruption this may have caused.

The majority of our customers should have seen connections re-establish around 14:56, also, our Webmail service has been restored.

Customers on DSL & FTTC connections may need to power cycle routers if still experiencing connectivity issues. If this does not work please contact our Technical Support Desk on 0345 145 1234

A large Data Centre in Manchester which provides many ISPs with network infrastructure has experienced an issue which is currently affecting a large number of connections and services.

Due to this issue one of our Webmail servers is currently unavailable. However, we are now starting to see a number of customer connections come back online.

We will continue to update as more information is available.