ExaVoice Voicemail Outage Tuesday 28th January 2020 08:37:00

There is currently an outage within BT affecting ExaVoice Voicemail service.

Currently, the Voicemail feature is non-functioning. This has been raised with the supplier but until the matter is resolved within BT, then no one will be able to leave voicemails until resolved.

All other ExaVoice services are unaffected.

The issues with BT Voicemail and SIM ring have now been fixed, apologies for any inconvenience caused. They will be monitoring the service closely throughout today.

BT Voicemail to email service is currently experiencing issues, messages are sending but they contain no data or show as corrupted, BT are investigating and have this raised as a high priority. Apologies for any inconvenience.

BT have confirmed the Voicemail issue has now been resolved. However, SIM Ring is still not working correctly and only ringing on one phone and there are still delays on new provision and reboots after config changes. A fix has been identified and tested for these issues and these patches will be loaded on Tuesday night.

BT have confirmed the fix they are planning on implementing has been tested and will be deployed this evening.

The planned maintenance was undertaken during the night, however at 2am BT encountered a number of issues. In order to ensure customers have service this morning they made the decision to re-instate the newer version of operating firmware.

Calls and services will be working normally however customers may experience similar issues as Monday and tuesday. BT are working on fixing these issues.

Any orders can not be progressed during this period and the portal is unavailable until the issues have been resolved. BT have advised that this will be completed in the next 3 hours.

BT are planning an emergency maintenance following the intermittent issues with VoIP services. This will take place out of hours at 8pm this evening to minimise disruption, and is estimated to take around 8 hours. However, they will aim to have the service fully restored for 7.30am tomorrow morning. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Further to the BT Voicemail outage this morning, a number of customers are now experiencing problems when making and receiving calls, caused by phones deregistering. Apologies for any inconvenience.