DarkLight Outage Thursday 12th September 2019 08:52:00

Some DarkLight customers in the Leeds/Bradford area are currently experiencing service disruption. We've reported this to our suppliers who are looking into the cause of the issue, we will keep you updated with any further information.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  • CORRECTION * A few connections are still not live, we are continuing to work with our suppliers on a resolution.

All connections are now back online in what has been a much quicker recovery than first envisaged.

However we do appreciate your patience during this outage.

We are currently in the process of reconnecting our affected lines. We aim to have all customers back online by the end of the day and will confirm on an individual basis.

Replacement have now been installed and services are in the process of being restored. We are still unable to give an accurate ETA for full service resolution however, it is looking to be much quicker than initially expected.

The repairs performed by engineers through the night has resulted in 90% of the work being completed. This means that beginning today, our engineers plan to carry out splicing of the replacement fibres. We will continue to keep you updated as services are restored.

We thank you for your patience, the end is now in sight.

Upon full access to the ducting, the damage is now known and is severe. There are multiple teams working on this to expedite the resolution and we are aiming to have the replacement fibre in situ and splicing underway by business hours of Friday 13th September.

Due to the nature of the damage discovered, new hardware is to be installed and cable laid. This will require extensive work with multiple third parties working together to restore the service. At this time, we are unable to forecast an ETA for resolution. We will endeavour to bring you this information as soon as we have it.

After investigation, it has been identified that fire has severely damaged some ducting and the infrastructure that it contains. The length of ducting affected and total damage caused is still unknown.

The affected fibres need to be replaced and until the extent of the damage is determined we currently have no ETA for when this will be resolved.

We will continue to update this issue when information comes in.

We are investigating the potential of a large scale fibre break and are preparing engineers to replace any damaged fibre. We don’t have an eta at the moment but will keep you updated.