Core Network Link Thursday 23rd May 2019 13:48:00

Due to a fibre break on one of our supplier's fibre lines, one of our core network links has been temporarily taken out of service. Customers may have experienced a slight blip when we automatically rerouted traffic, however shouldn't be seeing any adverse effects.

Our supplier has informed us that the splicing work is complete and the link is back to being fully operational. We have restored normal routing paths and our monitoring service is indicating no issues.

Splicing preparation is still ongoing, we are expected to receive another update from the supplier in a few hours.

Following on from the fibre break yesterday, we are now seeing some performance issues on our Leeds to London links. The provider of the effected core link have been working through the night to fix the problem, and they expect this to be resolved during the afternoon.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.