Network Issues Friday 19th October 2018 11:50:00

Both the switches providing connectivity to our one of Virtual Machines cluster rebooted without reason. Our engineers are investigating. This cluster provide servers to our SurfProtect cluster and therefore our filtering solution is affected.

The outage caused a corruption on the service used by SurfProtect to log browsing activity. The software auto-detected the issue and was in the process of rectifying the data corruption that occurred, however this had an impact upon the speed of the SurfProtect service. As a result, our engineers performed a maintenance to remove the corrupted data and restore usual levels of service and speed immediately; out of hours work will be performed to ensure that all logging records affected during the outage are restored and present in the analytics panel for all customers.

We noticed abnormal traffic pattern for SurfProtect and are investigating it.

The maintenance was performed and the services seems to be working as expected, our monitoring does not report any more errors.

The networking issue caused some issue for some of the SurfProtect servers and some emergency maintenance is now being performed to fix the affected machines.

The SurfProtect team is reporting that the services looks to be working correctly.

Following the reboot, the switches came back into services and our engineers are currently checking that they are working as expected.