Maintenance - Restart of r1.lon-the - Friday 03/08/2018 21:00 to 23:00 Friday 3rd August 2018 21:00:00

On Friday 03/08/2018 we will be performing essential maintenance on one of our core routers in Telehouse East, London. A restart of r1.lon-the is required to clear a non-service-affecting memory leak. The work will begin at 21:00 and is expected to complete before 23:00. Transit traffic through the device will be diverted through alternative paths before the work begins but single-homed customers directly connected will experience a loss of service during the maintenance works.

UPDATE at 17:30: this maintenance has been POSTPONED. Our engineers have determined that this can now be safely carried out at a later time when there has been more time between announcement and performing the maintenance.