Connectivity Tuesday 10th April 2018 11:00:00

One of our suppliers is currently advising of network disruption nationwide. We are working with them to resolve this with the upmost urgency and will post an update as soon as we know more.

11:17 - Our supplier has confirmed that they are suffering a network outage affecting our customers who terminate their connection in Manchester. Our multiple connections with this supplier are affected, some circuits are experiencing packet loss while other customers are unable to get online. The vendor has acknowledged an issue with their equipment in Manchester and engineers are in attendance diagnosing and rectifying the issue currently.

12:02 - We have reported recovery on most circuits, however some connections are still affected. Further maintenance is still underway and during this time we cannot guarantee the stability of the connections

14:12 - We have received confirmation from our suppliers that services have now been fully restored, however investigations are still ongoing to identify the root cause.